• DNAT-Aggregated Lightning Network

    DNAT pioneered the Aggregated Lightning Network, a cross-chain acceleration network created by underlying developers from BTC, ETH, EOS, XRP, QTUM, HCASH, QCASH etc. The Aggregate Lightning Network uses consensus to create a genesis main-network that includes the main-chain of the whole network , allowing participants to enjoy multi-chain ecological rights.

    The genesis main-network of the Aggregated Lightning Network, has first time achieve asset cross-chain transfer within seconds with TPS up to 600K, and the implementation of Turing's complete smart contract deployment and other functions.

  • DNAT-POC Consensus Mechanism

    DNAT is a new cryptocurrency based on POC (Proof Of Capacity). Its main feature is to use the hard disk as a consensus participant, reduce the consumption of power resources by cryptocurrency, lower the threshold for participation, and make its production mode more decentralized, more secure and credible, and everyone can participate. The mining of cryptocurrencies generates credit and value through mathematical algorithms and distributed mining.

Consensus ecological

  • StrongU

  • CollinStar CapitalPOC

  • POCExchange

DNAT - Redefining the POC Consensus Ecology


Redefine the POC consensus ecology

  • StrongU

    100,000+ mining machine scale mines, distributed in Chengdu, Gansu, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia and other places.

    Sitron is committed to providing high-speed, low-power computing chips for the blockchain and artificial intelligence sectors. High-performance chips based on advanced semiconductor technology enable vertical applications in blockchain hardware, including chip design, hardware products, embedded software, PC-side software and Internet platform development.

  • CollinStar Capital

    300+ blockchain project investment experience, investment projects covering ZB, fire currency, currency security, OK, Bithumb a major mainstream exchange, joint construction of DNAT side chain ecological structure.

    Keyin Capital was founded and founded by Ryan, a well-known investor in the blockchain field. Focusing on investment in the financial technology blockchain and digital currency, Keyin Capital has invested in early digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. It has also laid out heavy asset projects such as blockchain infrastructure construction and cloud computing centers.

  • POC Exchange

    DNAT cooperated with ZB Exchange to reach D10 plan cooperation. DNAT sent excellent side chain projects to ZB Exchange, which stimulated the circulation activity of the exchange and realized three wins for project parties, POC exchanges and ZB exchanges.

    Based on DNAT as the axis and based on the POC consensus mechanism, the POC exchange is structured. Based on the POC consensus mechanism, we will build a global POC digital asset trading platform, support digital currency trading of various POC types, and have a high-speed matching engine for comprehensive security.

DNAT Global Distribution

DNAT distributes important and influential nodes around the world to promote industrial development and global economic growth. Promote the development, construction, and other aspects of DNAT by implementing a governance structure suitable for DNAT development, manage issues related to open source community projects, and promote the harmonious development of open source communities.

  • Europe and America

    Financial service center

  • Thailand

    Asia Pacific Representative

  • China

    Physical area

  • Australia

    Technical team headquarters

Australian financial foundation licence

Australian XH Fund

Australian Financial Foundation License

For the legal compliance of the DNAT project, the DNAT Foundation specifically applied to the Australian Financial Fund Board for the Australian Financial Foundation license for the DNAT project. The project was reviewed and approved by the local 2017 Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Amendment Act (2017 Money laundering / anti-terrorism law amendment law), assessment and certification have operational qualifications. At the same time, it will receive a private equity certificate from the European Securities Commission (ESC).
The DNAT technology development team has rich experience in information construction and blockchain R&D. It consists of a group of elite design teams that have been working together for many years. The team has accumulated a lot of experience by serving many clients, enterprises and governments. Not only can we provide design and development services, but also provide customers with resource integration and consulting services for designing the entire industry chain. In a short period of time, project development contracts based on blockchain have been signed with financial institutions, commercial enterprises and government projects.
The DNAT team entered the blockchain industry in 2013 and successfully built a low-level R&D platform based on blockchain technology. The platform is a Turing-complete computing platform, development platform, and application platform, which can easily transfer existing applications to distributed blockchain applications, enabling existing applications to smoothly transition to distributed applications without requiring extensive code changes. Realize the rapid transition from traditional IT technology to blockchain technology for distributed computing, distributed storage, and distributed applications.